Mahler: Symphony No. 10 - Inbal

Mahler: Symphony No. 10 - Inbal

Exton  OVXL-00089

Stereo Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Mahler: Symphony No. 10

Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Eliahu Inbal

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Comments (3)

Comment by Luukas - January 6, 2017 (1 of 3)

To be honest, this caught my attention. However, I have avoided to buy 2-channel SACDs for the following reasons:

1) There are not difference between CD and SACD except for better sound quality
2) Personally I prefer SACD in multichannel and perhaps it will be impossible to use DTS Neo:6 surround decoder without any loss at the original DSD quality

I need some information about Exton's "Laboratury Gold Line". How this collection differs on the original releases? Reportedly these recordings were so-called "one point microphone versions". What does this mean? Do you have any listening experiences?

But Mahler's 10th on SACD - looks pretty interesting, indeed!

Comment by hiredfox - January 7, 2017 (2 of 3)

Good gracious Luukas, what a can of worms you have opened...

"There are not difference between CD and SACD except for better sound quality"

Surely that is the raison d'être of SACD in stereo or mch!

Exton discs are amongst the most advanced and realistic sound recordings available today. They are expensive but no collection should be without at least a few amongst their numbers.

Comment by Luukas - January 8, 2017 (3 of 3)

Well, I just wanted to tell this fact once more. However, I have listened to these Mahler/Inbal albums on Spotify. They seemed to be very compelling and satisfying sets, indeed.