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(High Resolution here is defined as anything better than CD quality. Since most music nowadays is recorded, or mastered from analogue, at better than 16bits/44.1kHz it makes sense to acquire the maximum lossless resolution available.)

Recent Reviews

Charles Mingus: The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady
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This is not a lullaby - Malkin, Belogurov, Fridman
Scenes from the Kalevala - Slobodeniouk
Sibelius: Luonnotar, Pelléas och Mélisande, Tapiola - Gardner
Hymns of Kassianí - Cappella Romana
Charles Mingus: Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus
Ibert: Flute Concerto - Dabringhaus, Gülke
Schumann: Piano Works, Vol. 1 - van Poucke
Listen to our Cry - Works by Yusupov, Fischer, Kancheli, Hovhaness & Lombardi
Märchenbilder - Uhde, Wellisch
Sheehan: Vespers - The Saint Tikhon Choir

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