The Beach Boys: Sunflower

The Beach Boys: Sunflower

Analogue Productions  CAPP 069 SA

Stereo Hybrid


The Beach Boys

The ultimate pressings of the Beach Boys discography from Analogue Productions!

Produced by the Beach Boys

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, most from the original master tapes or best sources available

Audio production — Mark Linett

For Brother Records — Elliott Lott

Hybrid Stereo SACD plays in both CD and SACD players, as well as all SACD-compatible DVD players

"These are the best sounding and best-looking versions of the Beach Boys records that have ever been produced. We want everything about these to be better than the original." — Chad Kassem, owner and CEO, Acoustic Sounds

A musical legacy that began in Hawthorne, California and went on to conquer the world. Analogue Productions presents the ultimate pressings of 14 essential Beach Boys albums! Mastered by Kevin Gray, most from the original master tapes, now presented on Hybrid Stereo SACD, these are awesome recordings to experience.

For the early part of the Beach Boys career, all of their singles were mixed and mastered and released only in the mono format. Hits were made on AM radio in mono. And the mono of those times worked well for Brian Wilson — famed co-founder, songwriter and arranger — who suffers from partial deafness. The mono mixes were where Wilson paid intense attention, and the dedication paid off!

We’ve taken 10 of the most classic, best-sounding Beach Boy titles ever and restored them to their mono glory!

But there’s no disputing that the close harmonies and one-of-a-kind rhythms of hits like “Surfer Girl,” “In My Room,” “Little Deuce Coupe” and more lend themselves naturally to stereo. So we’ve got your 2-channel needs covered with prime stereo mix versions as well.

The Beach Boys' practice of double-tracking their vocals really lends itself to stereo mixes. Split left and right, as they are on a lot of those early stereo versions, those doubled vocal parts can really envelop the listener, surrounding them with Wilsons, Loves and Jardines!

Sunflower is considered by most fans — and some of the Beach Boys themselves — to be their finest work after Pet Sounds. More so than any other Beach Boys album, it's a true group collaboration, with Carl Wilson overseeing the production and mixdowns. Brian Wilson himself was very involved in the creation of this album, which includes one of his most enduring compositions, "This Whole World," as well as an expansion of a fragment from the Smile sessions, "Cool Cool Water," featuring some of the band's most intricate and playful interlocking vocal parts. Sunflower is also the home of some of Dennis Wilson's most enduring work, including the uptempo album opener "Slip On Through," and the classic Beach Boys ballad "Forever."

Sunflower, originally titled Add Some Music (after the group's initial single for Warners, "Add Some Music To Your Day," which failed to garner enough airplay to become a hit), underwent several lineup revisions before its eventual release in the late summer of 1970. The album, hailed by the U.K. music press as "The Beach Boys' Sgt. Pepper, failed to sell, despite glowing reviews and wide acclaim for its rich sonic texture (due in no small part to the efforts of Beach Boys' engineer Stephen Desper, a noted pioneer in quadrophonic and surround sound technologies).

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Analogue recording
1. Slip On Through
2. This Whole World
3. Add Some Music to Your Day
4. Got to Know the Woman
5. Deirdre
6. It's About Time
7. Tears in the Morning
8. All I Wanna Do
9. Forever
10. Our Sweet Love
11. At My Window
12. Cool, Cool Water
Comments (3)

Comment by oxenholme - July 25, 2016 (1 of 3)

This is actually a multi-channel SACD.

Comment by Tony R. - December 28, 2016 (2 of 3)

Only 2 tracks where encoded via amazing Steve Desper . Thou that aside its True stereo not just 2 channel mono upgrade into stereo
mix . Great bonus was true remastering Kevin Gray !! Maybe best SACD Around Quality Record Pressings
Also beach boys Carl Wilson was fantic about sound
Worth adding if your into "True Stereo"

Comment by Downunderman - December 29, 2016 (3 of 3)

The word is that there is a (uncredited) 4 channel layer on this SACD. I can't vouch for this because I am a stereo only guy. On the known knowns front I can say that the stereo SACD master is pretty good.

AP do say that for their SACD reissues they have mostly used the master tapes OR the best otherwise available tape sources. In the case of Sunflower they probably got the real thing, or tapes close to it.

There is variation in audio quality track to track, with some tracks clearly having a lot more production time spent on them back when the album was made. Overall this gives the album a nice organic quality and makes it easy to forgive the fact that there has been a little bit of deterioration of the tapes over the years.

So it is a very good listen. With the different components in the mix well separated, a wide soundstage and good depth to the soundstage.

The SACD master is also a pretty flat one, so turn it up with confidence.