David Miles Huber: Parallax Eden

David Miles Huber: Parallax Eden

Auro-3D Creative  A3DCL 15001


Pop/Rock - Electronic

David Miles Huber

Four time GRAMMY nominated electronic artist David Miles Huber releases "Parallax Eden" on Pure Audio Blu-ray disc in high resolution audio (24bit/96Khz). This very special release is unique, as it has been mixed in 2.0 Stereo, 5.1 Surround and Auro-3D® 9.1 immersive sound. Furthermore, all three formats include different mixes of the original compositions, ranging from Chill Mixes to the uptempo Berlin Remixes. Released on the Auro-3D® Creative Label, this project offers carefully crafted instruments and beats, truly engaging your senses in new, immersive and contemplative ways.

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Resolutions (1)
  • 9.1 Auro-3D 24bit/96kHz
1. Innerbase
2. Renaissance
3. Serenitatis
4. Lunacy
5. Tranquility
Comments (1)

Comment by windhoek - September 19, 2015 (1 of 1)

As mentioned in its description, this release comes in three flavours, with four listening options. Last night I listened to the 5.1 Berlin mix and I was hooked within 30 seconds. So much so in fact, I got up, switched the light off and went to that special place where there is no spoon. DMH has been nominated for 4 separate Grammy's for best multichannel mix, and if the rest of his music is like this, then goodness knows why he hasn't won at least once because the surround mix is superb!

I then played the stereo chill mix, which is more or less the same album, but without the uptempo grooves and I loved it just as much. I should add this album is perfect for late night listening because even the full-fat version is a long way away from what could be called club rave tempo; I dare say, it's probably best described as chilltronica.

My AVR doesn't support Auro 9.1 audio, but no matter because when the right hardware isn't in place, the BDA outputs a 5.1 fold-down version of the 9.1 mix to make it compatible.

If you like electronic music and like to relax, this is the one to buy...especially if you have a surround sound setup!