Metallica: Metallica

Metallica: Metallica

Warner Music  61113-9




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1 Enter Sandman
2 Sad But True
3 Holier Than Thou
4 The Unforgiven
5 Wherever I May Roam
6 Don't Tread On Me
7 Through The Never
8 Nothing Else Matters
9 Of Wolf And Man
10 The God That Failed
11 My Friend Of Misery
12 The Struggle Within
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Review by Darren McKeown - April 24, 2016

Metallica: Metallica (The Black Album)

Metallica (or the Black album as it’s more commonly called) is Metallica’s 5th album, their only DVD-audio release and by far their most successful album selling over 16 million copies in the US alone. It brought Metallica from a largely unknown heavy metal band to a very well-known commercially successful band and helped the music industry accept Metal as a recognised genre. Guitarist Kirk Hammett said about this album “It’s our Dark Side of the Moon”.

DVD-Audio features:
This disc contains a 96khz MLP stereo and 5.1 version, but no Dolby Digital or DTS tracks so it is only playable in DVD-audio players. The only additional feature on this disc is a video preview of the Classic Albums series “The Making of Metallica (The Black Album)”. If you are a fan of Metallica, then this is a must have also.

Notable Tracks

Enter Sandman:
The voice-overs in the middle of the song especially the child’s voice are very well done alternating between front and rear speakers which certainly add depth to the song.
What I did notice though was that the guitar solo seems to fade in and out as it moves between speakers. If I didn’t know that my system was setup correctly I would have sworn that something wasn’t plugged in correctly and just to be sure I tried it on 2 different players but still got the same result.

The Unforgiven:
Great use of surround speakers throughout the entire track, with ambient effects panning nicely around between all of the speakers.

Nothing Else Matters:
Definitely the stand-out track on this album. The opening guitar intro sounds great coming from the front centre speaker and then the rest of the speakers being used more or less evenly through the rest of the song, with the notable exception being the orchestral parts coming from the rear which certainly sounds fantastic.


Sound quality was excellent as one would expect from 96khz MLP with very clean sounding drums, guitars and vocals. The bass is definitely very heavy and the LFE track is heavily used and will certainly give your subwoofer a really good work-out. The drums are the stand-out performers on most of the tracks, which if you are a fan of metal then you will have no problem with this at all.

As for the mixing, it almost seems like the surround mix was a bit of a rushed job. Most tracks seem to start off with some discreet surround speaker action but then they kind of get forgotten about and go back to being mostly a matrixed version of the fronts, more there just to fill the rear area with “sound”. While for the most part this works quite well, after hearing what can be done with multichannel music they could have done so much more with this album, but nonetheless I still enjoyed it and if you like Metallica then I do recommend it.

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Sonics (Multichannel):

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