Respighi: Roman Trilogy - Krager

Respighi: Roman Trilogy - Krager



Classical - Orchestral

Respighi: Fountains of Rome, Roman Festivals, Pines of Rome

Texas Music Festival Orchestra
Franz Anton Krager (conductor)

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Comments (3)

Comment by John Proffitt - January 31, 2017 (1 of 3)

A note on the recording technique: the HDTT series of surround Blu-ray Audio discs from the Texas Music Festival in Houston use the same equipment and mic configuration. Three Neumann condenser mics are arrayed across the front of the orchestra (front left, center, front right) and two Neumanns back in the hall (surround left, surround right). My shorthand for this placement is "WCF+2" in honor of the late Wilma Cozart Fine, who pioneered the technique of three spaced omni mics in the 1950s and which I update by adding the two hall ambience mics for 5.0 surround. Each mic is fed directly into a single channel of the digital recorder, with no EQ, mixing or other tonal manipulation of the signal.

Comment by diw - June 22, 2017 (2 of 3)

It would be nice to get a review of this disc.

Comment by William Hecht - June 23, 2017 (3 of 3)

Despite the temptation of WCF +2 I haven't heard the disc and this is the only review I've ever seen Personally I'm quite happy with Respighi: Roman Trilogy - Neschling.