Dvořák: Symphonies 1-9 - Kertész

Dvořák: Symphonies 1-9 - Kertész

Decca Classics  4830749


Classical - Orchestral

Dvořák: Complete Symphonies, Tone Poems, Overtures, Requiem

Pilar Lorengar (soprano), Erzsébet Komlóssy (mezzo), Robert Ilosfalvy (tenor), Tom Krause (bass)
Ambrosian Singers
London Symphony Orchestra
István Kertész (conductor)

Kertesz recordings with the London Symphony Orchestra of the Dvorak symphonies are widely regarded as the definitive interpretation of the Dvorak cycle and their recording of the Requiem in 1968 is held in the same regard.

50 years since the completion of the symphonies, Decca are celebrating these unrivaled recordings and have returned to the original tapes to make this definitive transfer and present this audiophile edition on two formats: 9 traditional CDs and 1 single High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray disc, enabling true 24-bit playback of the entire audio contents on a single disc at the highest-possible audio quality.

One hardback book presenting 9 CDs in the original iconic Brueghel covers. A second hardback book, with artist photos, an introduction by musicologist Andrew Stewart, repertoire notes by Jan Smaczny and recollections of the recording sessions by producer Ray Minshall, all in English, French and German, coupled with the Blu-ray disc. Both hardback books are presented in a slipcase with the original Brueghel cover art.

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Comments (12)

Comment by hiredfox - October 26, 2016 (1 of 12)

Still no SACD transcript of this now legendary cycle. Top class SACD players do not read Blu-Ray Pure Audio format.

Comment by Waveform - October 27, 2016 (2 of 12)

But the Blu-ray players of Sony can read SACD discs.

Comment by john hunter - October 27, 2016 (3 of 12)

No Oppo for you foxy?

Comment by hiredfox - October 28, 2016 (4 of 12)

A veritable can of worms indeed. Marantz once offered a reference level universal player with Blu Ray audio capability based on and incorporating the operating elements of the SA7-S1 SACD player which by all accounts from reviews was an outstanding piece of machinery but it came at a price (circa £6k) and was soon sold out and unavailable. The odd one crops up on e-Bay from time to time usually emanating from Germany but as I own a SA7-S1 it makes no sense to add another expensive machine to my list of ever-declining in value assets.

The Oppo is unquestionably a superb machine at it's price point, it is well-made, looks the part but is certainly not cheap; whilst it's SACD performance will not match top notch SACD players like the aforesaid Marantz it might be the best available option for Pure Audio from Blu Ray today.

We have a Sony BDP7200 for video content but at best one might describe it's SACD & Pure Audio sound quality as adequate and this is not meant in any way to be disrespectful of those who own and use Sony BDP as their main disc spinner. In audio you really do get what you pay for even well into the lower realms of megabuck territory.

Comment by Paul Hannah - December 5, 2016 (5 of 12)

Sorry I got to have my two bobs worth cause I can solve all your problems I bought after much listening a Primare universal player. A lot of my friends are as we say down under....Audio wankers..........LOL We have done several A-B comparisons with my friends ultra high end SACD players.......I mean the real gear thousands of dollar of dedicated SACD players Oppo, Macintosh Sony Yamaha would have been the cheapest we tested. And everybody's mouth dropped the Primare blew them all away........clarity every facet. yourself a favour !

And NO..............Primare are not paying me a commission.......but they should LOL

Comment by ubertrout - June 25, 2017 (6 of 12)

Just FYI, this one seems to be slipping out of print, for those who had been holding off.

Comment by Paul Hannah - January 17, 2021 (7 of 12)

Too late.......out of print and not available from the sellers listed : (

Comment by Athenaeus - January 18, 2021 (8 of 12)

Perhaps Tower Records will eventually release these recordings on SACD. They seem to like working by conductor. They have already released a few Kertész discs.

Comment by Mark Werlin - January 18, 2021 (9 of 12)

The 24/96 files can be purchased as downloads from Presto. Many SACD and Blu-Ray players can play 24/96 files.

Comment by ubertrout - January 21, 2021 (10 of 12)

There are copies on inflated prices. Amazon classifies this as "popular music" instead of "classical music" and thus restricts who can sell it to businesses that buy wholesale, which means collectors who want to sell are limited to eBay.

Comment by Contrapunctus - March 17, 2022 (11 of 12)

StereoSound is going to release (in April) the 8th symphony + Scherzo capriccioso (single layer SACD + RBCD) SSHRS-058/059.

Comment by hiredfox - March 23, 2022 (12 of 12)

That is the pick of the bunch from the vinyl set. Thanks for the heads-up Contrapunctus.


1xBlu-ray audio + 9xCD