Blue Cheer: Vincebus Eruptum

Blue Cheer: Vincebus Eruptum

Audio Fidelity  AFZ 253

Stereo Hybrid


Blue Cheer

"The epitome of psychedelic rock".

Rock & roll had grown louder and wilder by leaps and bounds during the '60s, but when Blue Cheer emerged from San Francisco onto the national rock scene in 1968 with their debut album, Vincebus Eruptum, they crossed a line which most musicians and fans hadn't even thought to draw yet. The album features a heavy, thunderous blues sound, which would later be known as heavy metal. It also contains elements of acid rock, grunge, experimental rock, blues rock, stoner rock, and garage rock. A commercial and critical success Vincebus Eruptum peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and spawned the top-20 hit cover of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues."

The album has been held in high regard by many rock critics. AllMusic described Vincebus Eruptum as "a glorious celebration of rock & roll primitivism run through enough Marshall amps to deafen an army", praising the band's "sound and fury" as one of the founding movements of heavy metal. Pitchfork gave the album nine out of a maximum ten points.

No band could summon so much thunder with just three people. Vincebus Eruptum is still the Blue Cheer's album to own, it was their simplest and most forceful musical statement.

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Comments (7)

Comment by Mark Powers - June 19, 2017 (1 of 7)

I only recommend this disc for people like myself that had it as a kid. Certainly a step up from the sonic quality of the original LP, but a very loud recording and this new release by AF is still loud, but drums and bass do sound good and vocals are center.

Comment by Kveld-Úlfr - June 21, 2017 (2 of 7)

I am 32, thus never had it as a kid, but as an audiophile and a [rock] music-lover I just HAD to buy this great album under the SA-CD format. I am pretty convinced even younger generations can love this early metal blockbuster. 2 or 3 years ago I played this album to a younger friend (4 years younger) and he digged it as well, to the point of buying his own CD copy. A masterpiece of loud and noisy rock for all generations !
Eagerly awaiting to receive my copy, ordered last week. I own the European original CD version (LMCD 9.51075, from Germany, 1991) and it sounds muddy... partly due to the original recording I guess. I hope this will be a real step-up, as Mark said.

Comment by Kveld-Úlfr - June 26, 2017 (3 of 7)

I have had this disc for about a week now and I just can't help listening to it even on lunch time back from work. Simply put : this is a killer. So much better than any previous version.
No, this won't sound like a modern recording -- a precautious comment for some out there who still believe remastering means making old things sound like they were recorded last month. And if it doesn't, they just review the disc with ill-tempered depreciations and a poor rating (see the former website if you want examples of this). You'll still have all of the saturated grumpy old guitars on the left channel and rageing grumpy old drums on the right one, plus the (incredibly clear) vocals on both (center phased), and this will remain a 1967 recording (released in January 1968).
But, man ! What a slap in the face ! Volume and yet dynamics, vividness and yet no harshness... great job !

Comment by Mark Werlin - June 26, 2017 (4 of 7)

Thanks for posting your enthusiastic response, Kveld-Úlfr. This (grumpy old) reviewer saw Blue Cheer perform in the fall of 2005 at a reunion of Bay Area psychedelic-era bands. They played a riveting three-song set, and gave, without a doubt, the best show of the day.

Comment by Kveld-Úlfr - July 12, 2017 (5 of 7)

Dear Mark,
Thanks for your short and humorous comment. I liked it. Did you listen to that disk yet ? I am very curious to know the opinion of people who listen to this remaster.

Comment by Mark Werlin - July 28, 2017 (6 of 7)

Kveld-Úlfr, I have not yet heard the Blue Cheer SACD. I'm delinquent in writing and posting reviews, mea culpa. Is there any technical information on the SACD package about the source tape?

Comment by Kveld-Úlfr - October 23, 2017 (7 of 7)

Hi Mark, sorry for the late response.
As usual with Audio Fidelity Türe ist noch technical information whatsoever in the booklet - Not even liner notes. Thus ist a mere reproduction of the original booklet.
Only Spur faith will make you buy the disk and only your ears will tell you whether this is satisfying or not. In my case it was.