Santana: Lotus

Santana: Lotus

Sony Music  SICP-10116 (3 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid



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Analogue recording
Comments (3)

Comment by Stephen Bieth - May 9, 2017 (1 of 3)

This is the best live 4.0 mix I have ever heard. Even without the isolated bass track it has a beautiful warm sound. It is much fuller sounding then the domestic 2.0 version. It's glorified stereo with all the music coming from your front speakers with reverb and applause coming from your rears. I have to be honest I am still getting use to the songs running order. It has been put back in the sequence it was in at the actual concert and has added bonus tracks so it's strange hearing them in this order after listening to the original release for years. The packaging is amazing, they put some real work into it and all tracks are multi channel. It's not like some releases where the bonus tracks are only in stereo. Crazy expensive but if you are fan of this record I can almost guarantee you will love it! Best (none Steve Wilson ) mix I have heard!

Comment by Downunderman - May 18, 2017 (2 of 3)

Yup, bigger than Texas and with more fruit than Carmen Miranda's hat.

Just like being there. The sound and the playing a bit shaky to begin with, then it all starts to tighten up as they get into it. Pretty amazing as an experience.

I can only comment on the stereo presentation and one observation stands out. There is not a lot of bass. Unsurprising really. Given that the album was only intended for the Japanese market, it has been mixed and mastered to suit Japanese tastes. In my experience that tends to mean the bass is dialled back and the recording is very clean sounding.

The other thing that caught my ear is that they appear to have gone a bit trippy here and there with the way they have presented Carlos's guitar. My rig could well be playing up, but in some cases during a solo his guitar notes don't all land at the same point on the sound stage.

All in all it is an excellent SACD remaster though. Spacious sounding, with a well defined sound stage and lots of sonic detail.

I have not listened to the AF SACD remaster, but based on remasters I have heard that Steve Hoffman has done I am pretty confident that this Japanese version is significantly better.

The album can be had from USA based vendors for a touch under $70.00 so get it while you can.

Comment by SACD-MAN (threerandot) - August 17, 2019 (3 of 3)

I have just heard from my seller and it is now in the mail. Very excited to get this. Could be the coolest SACD packaging ever!