Haydn: An Imaginary Orchestral Journey - Rattle

Haydn: An Imaginary Orchestral Journey - Rattle

LSO Live  LSO0808

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Haydn: An Imaginary Orchestral Journey

London Symphony Orchestra
Sir Simon Rattle (conductor)

Sir Simon Rattle pays homage to a composer he holds close to his heart with An Imaginary Orchestral Journey through the music of Joseph Haydn. Rattle trawls through the great composer’s impressive catalogue, piecing together excerpts from symphonies, oratorios and operas spanning a 40-year period in what the director describes as ‘a kind of greatest hits’ format.

‘The idea is to make a musical journey through all that is quirky and extraordinary, humorous and profound in Haydn,’ the LSO’s Music Director explains. Sir Simon’s focus is on Haydn as innovator, showcasing his most forward-looking and outlandish works in 50 minutes of uninterrupted performance.

What results from Sir Simon’s pasticcio is a clear image of the composer he sees to best represent the ideals of the Enlightenment, his selection meticulously arranged to best demonstrate Haydn’s intelligence, wit and thoughtfulness.

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DSD recording
I. Introduction: Representation of Chaos: Largo (From The Creation, Hob.XXI:2)
II. The Earthquake: Presto e con tutta la forza (From The Seven Last Words of our Saviour on the Cross, Hob.XX:1)
IIIa. Sinfonia: Largo - Vivace assai (From L'isola disabitata, Hob.Ia:13)
IIIb. Sinfonia: Allegretto - Vivace (From L'isola disabitata, Hob.Ia:13)
IV. Largo (From Symphony No. 64 in A major, Hob.I:64)
V. Minuet & Trio (From Symphony No. 6 in D major, Hob.I:6)
VI. Finale: Presto (From Symphony No. 46 in B major, Hob.I:46)
VII. Finale: Prestissimo (From Symphony No. 60 in C major, Hob.I:60)
VIII. Introduction to Winter (Original version) (From The Seasons, Hob.XXI:3)
IXa. Finale: Presto (From Symphony No. 45 in F-sharp minor, Hob.I:45)
IXb. Finale: Adagio (From Symphony No. 45 in F-sharp minor, Hob.I:45)
X. Music for Musical Clocks (From Flötenuhrstücke, Hob.XIX:1-32)
XI. Finale: Allegro assai (From Symphony No. 90 in C major, Hob.I:90)
Comments (4)

Comment by hiredfox - February 21, 2018 (1 of 4)

As unusual as it is delightful and one surmises presented tongue-in-cheek by their new maestro, the London Symphony romp their way through a whole array of extracts from popular Mozart works - chosen to illustrate the great composer's innovative versatility - with delightfully sensitive playing and not a little good humour to deliver a box-office treat to pop in your handbag at the end of the show... and why not if it sells a few discs, raises a bit of money and attracts a few more punters into the dowdy old Barbican fortress. Run of the mill it most definitely is not.

The opening pieces have all the trademark SSR characteristics that please or annoy depending on one's point of view and here and there I swear the impatience of some players is palpable..... "get a move on old boy"?... but one needn't worry, as soon they're off on a merry old canter that ends with fireworks and an unexpected ovation or two or three. I won't let on as it will spoil the disc.

Classic Sounds recording in 2 x 64fs seem to have improved their recording levels over many earlier discs, I hoped not at the expense of compression but nothing in this repertoire would tax the frequency or dynamic ranges anyway so the result is decent and you get to hear even the musical whispers. Smaller ensemble always do fare better on the Barbican Hall stage anyway just a bit more space and air in which to play and form the notes before the life is beaten out of them by the wooden backboards.

Comment by john hunter - March 1, 2018 (2 of 4)

I think we are talking about Haydn here not Mozart but a similar disc for him wouldn't be a bad idea!!!

Comment by hiredfox - March 2, 2018 (3 of 4)

John, I am having too many of these senior moments. Probably time to set my pen to one side and leave commentary to others ;-)

Comment by john hunter - March 2, 2018 (4 of 4)

No way my friend.