Ruckers, The Musical Legacy - Jos van Immerseel

Ruckers, The Musical Legacy - Jos van Immerseel

NorthWest Classics  NWC 128390

Stereo Hybrid

Classical - Instrumental

"Jos van Immerseel performs on three historic Antwerp harpsichords from the Vleehuis museum: Andreas Ruckers the Elder (1644), Joannes Daniel Dulcken (1747), Joannes Couchet (1650)."

Jos van Immerseel (harpsichord)

For the first time in many years, the famous fortepiano performer, conductor, teacher and early music expert Jos van Immerseel returns to the instrument with which his entire career began: the harpsichord and virginal. Although almost everyone has heard of the violin maker Antonio Stradivari, they are usually unaware of the important developments he made to the violin's development. Hans Ruckers fulfilled a similar role in the development of the harpsichord, which is largely unknown , even among today's generation of harpsichordists and early music enthusiasts. The three different instruments used on our disc and the literature performed on them was specially chosen to show how the Antwerp school of harpsichord and virginal making developed through the centuries and influenced composers throughout Europe. The booklet in English, Dutch and French covers the history of Antwerp's keyboard builders and is filled with extensive photographic material regarding these instruments.

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DSD recording

Producer: T.A. Diehl
Balance Engineer: Bert van der Wolf
Recording Engineers: Oscar Meijer, Fir Suidema
Editing: Bastiaan Kuyt, Bert van der Wolf
Mastering: Fir Suidema

Recorded at Museum Vleehuis, Antwerp (Belgium)
1-2. Pavanne & Galiarda, Peter Philips (1580)
3. La Gamba, anon. traditional 16th century
4. Daphne, anon. from Camphuysen MS (c. 1650)
5. Canzon deta Susanne, Orlando di Lasso, intabulation by Andrea Gabrieli
6. Tiento sobre letania de la Virgen, Pablo Bruna
7. La Felix, Jaques Du Phly (edition 1747)
8. La de Vatre, Jaques Du Phly (edition 1747)
9. La Sylva, Antoine & Jean-Baptiste Forqueray (edition 1747)
10. La Marella, Antoine & Jean-Baptiste Forqueray (edition 1747)
11. L'Affligee, Armand-Louis Couperin (edition 1751)
12-13. Fantasia & Fuga (BWV 904), Johann Sebastian Bach
14. Gagliarda Napolitana, Antonio Valente (edition 1576)
15. Bergemasco, anon. from Klavierboek van Arendonk (c. 1650)
16. Een kindeken is ons geboren, Jan Bull
17. Follie de Spagne met zeven variaties, anon. from Klavierboek van Dimpna Isabella Reynders (c. 1689)
18. The fall of the leafe, Martin Peerson

Total time: 62:41