Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust - Rattle

Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust - Rattle

LSO Live  LSO0809 (2 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Vocal

Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust

Karen Cargill (mezzo)
Bryan Hymel (tenor)
Christopher Purves (baritone)
Gábor Bretz (bass)
London Symphony Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Sir Simon Rattle (conductor)

Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra mark 150 years since the death of Hector Berlioz with his tempestuous oratorio, La damnation de Faust.

La damnation de Faust is a work born of the composer’s obsession with Goethe’s legendary tale. Once a righteous scholar, Faust allows himself to be corrupted by the devil, and drags the innocent around him into desperation and death. It’s a fable that defies definition – both a tragedy and dark comedy, with a central character both wise and despicable, and a play and epic poem in one.

Sir Simon Rattle says: 'This is a tribute to the Orchestra, and a tribute to Colin Davis. All of my generation learnt our Berlioz from Colin and the LSO. I've grown up with this music, and as a weird kid in the music library where my sister worked, the Berlioz Treatise on Instrumentation was one of my bibles.

We tend to forget how early Faust was started, Beethoven had just died when he made the first sketches, and the originality is still completely stunning to this day. The movement where Mephistopheles sings and the strings sound like a gigantic guitar, it's a sound such as no one else had even dreamt of making at that moment, and almost every other page there's a sound like that! You think, where does this come from? How did he even come across the idea that the orchestra could do that? It's the invention of the cinema. I think it was waiting for that. It's everything.

He wasn't a great man for categories, he was just expressing what he needed to express. Bless him for that freedom.'

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DSD recording

Recorded live 17 & 19 September 2017 at the Barbican Hall, London, United Kingdom, DSD 64fs

Producer: Andrew Cornall

Casting consultant: Danielle Quilleri

Recording, editing and mastering facilities: Classic Sound Ltd

Balance engineer, audio editing and mixing: Neil Hutchinson (Classic Sound Ltd)

Recording and mastering engineer: Jonathan Stokes (Classic Sound Ltd)

Recording software: Merging Technologies Pyramix
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Comment by Dissonance - September 21, 2019 (1 of 6)

Available now for pre-order at LSO Live online shop:

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Comment by hiredfox - September 27, 2019 (2 of 6)

Very interesting, has he actually recorded Bruckner before? Maybe during his time at Berlin? I don't check non SA-CD recordings.

Comment by SteelyTom - September 30, 2019 (3 of 6)

He did a Bruckner 9, inclusive of a version of the finale made from sketches, with the Berlin PO.

Comment by Dissonance - September 30, 2019 (4 of 6)

And also Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 - Rattle

Comment by Gilbert Burnett - October 1, 2019 (5 of 6)

I am a bit puzzled about what is going on. The latest releases on this label do not seem to be being listed on this site. Further, Presto are listing them as CD only whilst Amazon and LSO Live have them as SACD???

Comment by hiredfox - October 1, 2019 (6 of 6)

I am very reluctant to criticise those who are running the site Gilbert but they do seem to be lagging behind other sites now with news of new releases whereas they were almost guaranteed to be the flag carrier a few years ago. This may be unfair; it could be the labels themselves that are not squaring the circle as they did.