Mahler: Symphony No. 10 - Storgårds

Mahler: Symphony No. 10 - Storgårds

BIS  BIS-2376

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Mahler: Symphony No. 10 (completed & arranged by Michelle Castelletti)

Lapland Chamber Orchestra
John Storgårds (conductor)

Left unfinished at the death of the composer, Gustav Mahler's Tenth Symphony has exerted an enormous fascination on musicologists as well as musicians. Whether fully orchestrated in specific passages, or a sole melody in others, there is one continuous line throughout the surviving manuscript pages and over the years a number of different completions or performing versions have seen the light of day. One of the latest is this 'recreation' of the work for chamber orchestra by composer and conductor Michelle Castelletti.

In her liner notes to the recording, Castelletti describes the symphony as 'possibly one of Mahler’s most passionate emotional outbursts and autobiographical creations'. The decision to make an orchestration for chamber forces was inspired by the example of the Viennese Society for Private Musical Performance, established by Arnold Schoenberg in 1918 with the goal of performing newly composed music. Among the works performed by the Society were chamber orchestra versions of Mahler’s Symphony No. 4 and Das Lied von der Erde – the latter made by Schoenberg himself – and in her version of Symphony No. 10, Castelletti uses a similar instrumentation. This new completion appears on disc for the first time, in a performance by the acclaimed Lapland Chamber Orchestra under John Storgards, the ensemble’s artistic director since 1996.

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PCM recording

Recorded in October 2017 at the Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi, Finland, 24/96

Recording producer: Robert Suff

Sound engineer: Matthias Spitzbarth

Recording equipment: BIS’s recording teams use microphones from Neumann and Schoeps, audio electronics from RME, Lake People and DirectOut, MADI optical cabling technology, monitoring equipment from B&W, STAX and Sennheiser, and Sequoia and Pyramix digital audio workstations.

Post-production: Editing and mixing: Matthias Spitzbarth

Executive producer: Robert Suff
Comments (12)

Comment by diw - March 17, 2019 (1 of 12)

I kind of curious to see whether this will be good, or a total train wreck.

Comment by John Bacon-Shone - March 17, 2019 (2 of 12)

Can be bought at a great price at eClassical including 5.0. Just bought and will listen tonight. John

Comment by Adrian Quanjer - March 18, 2019 (3 of 12)

Not the first reduced version of a Mahler symphony. One might argue that it is against Mahler’s intent and fervent Mahlerians may not like it. On the other hand these chamber versions can give a detailed insight in the compositional structure, like for instance this one: Mahler: Symphony No. 9 - Gale which, indeed, goes down to the bare minimum.

I cannot comment on this new release as I don’t have it, but it has an interesting advantage: a new vision on the completion of Mahler’s tenth, next to Samale/Mazzuca (Mahler: Symphony No. 10 - Sieghart), Carpenter (Mahler: Symphony No. 10 - Zinman) and the traditional Cook.

Comment by hiredfox - March 20, 2019 (4 of 12)

Which reminds me, we have had no inputs from Bill (William Hecht) lately? If you are still active on Bill hope all is well with you?

Comment by Adrian Quanjer - March 23, 2019 (5 of 12)

Hey John,
How good of you, I had not yet noticed it. I share your thoughts. Bill (or Wehecht from the old site) is one of our best knowledgeable members whose contributions are always worth anyone’s while.

Comment by hiredfox - March 24, 2019 (6 of 12)

Sadly the number of contributors on here is slowly dwindling much as the number of new SA-CD releases decline. It is probably co-incidence and of course we have no idea why people choose to leave, perhaps many just pop in now and then to see what's new but visit without comment. Whatever, the sense of community and shared passion diminishes when regular contributors suddenly stop contributing and we all feel the loss. One hopes that Bill's absence is brief and not due to poor health.

Comment by philip edwards - March 24, 2019 (7 of 12)

Re. Hiredfox’s query about Bill (William E.) Hecht, sadly it looks as though that gentleman has died. There is an online obituary of William E. Hecht of Audubon, Pennsylvania, who passed away last November aged 71, which mentions his love of classical music and his ‘continually fiddling with the equipment to get the sound quality for said music better’. Sounds like our contributor, with photo. Sad.

Comment by Adrian Quanjer - March 25, 2019 (8 of 12)

Thanks Philip, Your information fits all the known slots. It makes me very sad loosing such a loyal, committed and knowledgeble member. I've never met him but through the binding factor of this site it seems like loosing a dear friend.

Comment by hiredfox - March 26, 2019 (9 of 12)

Philip, what terrible news. It must be the same Bill we all knew and loved. I am heartbroken. John

Here is Bill's obituary. You may also leave a message should you so wish.

Comment by Bruce Zeisel - April 5, 2019 (10 of 12)

Re Bill Hecht,

I miss him. Not much else to say. One reason participation on this site is down, to respond to a comment above is that there is no opportunity to initiate a thread. I understand why given the poor behavior of a few loudmouthed impolite know-it-alls on

Comment by Mark Werlin - May 5, 2019 (11 of 12)

Bill Hecht was a music lover, an SACD enthusiast, a Mahlerian, and a respected contributor to these discussions.

In a comment he posted in 2017 to Mahler: Symphonies 1 & 4 / Brahms: Symphony No. 1 - Levine, a reissue on Dutton, Bill wrote:

"My money goes toward the propagation of new repertoire and talent so that I do my little bit to keep great music alive and vital not off to the side in an aural museum."

On those grounds, this recording of the Mahler 10th would surely have met with his approval.

I encourage those who are interested to read the liner notes by Michelle Castelletti (booklet PDF at eClassical) for an explanation of her approach to preparing this version. Dr. Castelletti takes into account the pioneering work done by Deryck Cooke and his assistants Colin and David Matthews, and other more recent performing editions.

A first-rate reading by John Storgårds and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra players — Gramaphone recently gave this disc very high marks.

Comment by hiredfox - May 6, 2019 (12 of 12)

Indeed Mark, very well said. I think of Bill every time on this site. He is greatly missed.