Strauss: Salome - Gatti

Strauss: Salome - Gatti

RCO live  ? (2 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Opera

Strauss: Salome

Lance Ryan (Herodes)
Doris Soffel (Herodias)
Malin Byström (Salome)
Evgeny Nikitin (Jochanaan)
Peter Sonn (Narraboth)
Hanna Pipp (Ein Page der Herodies)
Dietmar Kerschbaum, Marcel Reijans, Mark Omvlee, Marcel Beekman, Alexander Vassiliev (5 Juden)
James Creswell, Roger Smeets (2 Nazarener)
James Platt, Alexander Milev (2 Soldaten)
Michael Wilmering (Ein Cappadocier)
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Daniele Gatti (conductor)

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Not yet released

Comments (3)

Comment by hiredfox - September 1, 2019 (1 of 3)

Change of mind at RCO? Hopefully we will see an early release date for this recording which is sorely needed.

Comment by DYB - September 13, 2019 (2 of 3)

Once they actually investigated the accusations and found nothing to support them - managing director of the orchestra Jan Raes has been forced to resign (though he stands by his actions to fire Gatti.) (Even Haitink spoke out and criticized the orchestra for rushing with a punishment before looking into the accusations.) Now they are releasing this "Salome." (But Gatti's Mahler cycle is dead.)

Comment by hiredfox - Yesterday 06:41 am (3 of 3)

Politics aye! He will not be reappointed as too much humble pie would have to be eaten.

Money is the root of all evil. Nobody will ever any of us out for inappropriate behaviour when we were young bucks on the block - so many years ago that even we wouldn't remember if it was true or not!