Beethoven: 9 Symphonies - Järvi

Beethoven: 9 Symphonies - Järvi

Sony Classical (Japan)  194398281728 (6 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Beethoven: 9 Symphonies, 6 Overtures

Christiane Oelze, soprano
Petra Lang, alto
Klaus Florian Vogt, tenor
Matthias Goerne, bass
Deutscher Kammerchor
Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Bremen
Paavo Järvi, conductor

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DSD recording
Comments (7)

Comment by Athenaeus - December 12, 2020 (1 of 7)

There's something odd about this set. It's only listed on two sites, both of which are in Japan: Tower Records and HMV. It was scheduled for release on December 11th and it was possible to pre-order. On December 11th it was immediately marked as no longer available. Apparently, it was a limited edition but come on! this is way too limited: only available from two sites and sold out even before the release date...

Comment by breakdown - December 14, 2020 (2 of 7)

It seems it's available (only?) on the orchestra's webshop:

Comment by Athenaeus - December 14, 2020 (3 of 7)

I hadn't seen that... Thank you, Breakdown.

Plus, it's cheaper than ordering it from Tower Records or HMV.

Comment by breydon_music - December 17, 2020 (4 of 7)

... and a thank you also from me. I had held off for years from completing this set because of the expense of the later Japan-only SACD issues. I have just purchased it at what seems like a snip with absurdly reasonable international shipping charges. I would urge anyone else who is interested to do the same before this vanishes, and it is good along the way to be able to support the orchestra too.

Comment by DYB - December 27, 2020 (5 of 7)

Are these in any way different from the original SACDs that were released?

It is a wonderful cycle if it's the same as the earlier one!

BTW this thing of being able to pre-order something and then it suddenly vanished happened to me a year or two ago when Decca announced an SACD issue of Karajan's "La Boheme" and I pre-ordered it, and then was no longer available.

Comment by Athenaeus - December 29, 2020 (6 of 7)

This set brings together the recordings of the symphonies that Paavo Järvi did between 2004 and 2008. They were released on single discs at the time. They were then all collected in a box-set that came out in 2013 (SICC-10103). This is basically a repeat for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. However, the new set is different because it also includes the overtures that Järvi later recorded; they were also released in 2013 (SICC-10190).

The new set was actually out of stock for a few days only in Japan. It can now be ordered again from Tower Records or HMV. It seems it was only a temporary shipping or inventory problem.

The problem with "La Bohème" you are mentioning was something different. (I had pre-ordered it, too, by the way.) In this case, Universal Music simply cancelled the release. I don't know why, though.

Comment by Athenaeus - February 5, 2021 (7 of 7)

I got my copy yesterday. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I wanted to recommend ordering this set directly from website of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie (if you're interested in purchasing it, that is). Shipping from Germany to Canada cost me only 5 euros! For that price I thought they would just chuck it in envelope and send it by boat. But no, it was well packaged and it only took a few days for it to arrive. My only complaint is that their website is a bit clunky and doesn't allow you to check on your order; but that's no big deal.