Bruckner: Symphonies 0-9 - Järvi

Bruckner: Symphonies 0-9 - Järvi

Sony Classical (Japan)  SICC-10331 (10 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid

Classical - Orchestral

Bruckner: Symphonies 0 - 9

Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra
Paavo Järvi (conductor)

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Comments (11)

Comment by DYB - September 4, 2021 (1 of 11)

Overall I've been a very big fan of Paavo Järvi's recordings of Bruckner. I'm surprised to see this full set because RCA has not released Symphonies 0 and 8 individually. They are (at least currently) only available in the complete box. Which is frustrating for those of us who have been buying each release individually until now.

Comment by Contrapunctus - September 5, 2021 (2 of 11)

Totally agreed! That's exactly why I didn't buy this box set. Let's hope that symphonies 0 and 8 will eventually be released individually.

Comment by Contrapunctus - October 13, 2021 (3 of 11)

After reading some comprehensive information on about this release, I'm no longer convinced that we will see any individual release of the 8th symphony: in contrast to all other symphonies of this cycle (live recordings at Alte Oper Frankfurt), no. 8 was recorded 2012 at Kurhaus Wiesbaden during session recordings, probably without audience. It looks a bit like that there went something wrong with the Frankfurt live-recording(s) of no. 8 in 2012, hence these recordings never made it on (SA)CD - only a youtube video of a Frankfurt live performance is available. I think that due to different recording venue and conditions the recording of the 8th symphony in this cycle is something special for sure. Because I haven't heard it, I'm not sure if it's for the better or worse.

Comment by DYB - October 14, 2021 (4 of 11)

Contrapunctus, huh very interesting. And unfortunate. Any mention of Symphony 0??

Is Symphony 8 on SACD in this set??

Comment by Contrapunctus - October 15, 2021 (5 of 11)

Yes, DYB, both symphonies (0 & 8) are SACD. - Despite numerous concerns, I've now decided to buy the box. It was a tough decision, not only because of the oddity surrounding the 8th symphony, but also because of Sony's outrageous sales policy.

It goes without saying that I don't know anything about further (individual) releases of symphonies 0 & 8. I'm just a passionate music lover without any relation into industry or any insider information (unfortunately). However, I would expect a single release of symphony 0 rather than 8.

As soon as I receive the set, I'll report.

Comment by Contrapunctus - October 18, 2021 (6 of 11)

Received the box today.

After listening to the most interesting disc, symphony 8, I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised with this very recording. Although it's obvious and audible that this piece wasn't recorded at the same venue as the other symphonies of the cycle, the resulting sound/acoustics is to my ears quite satisfying. But that's only my personal impression and feeling. Especially the last two movements are in my opinion just marvellous! Järvi's tempi in this symphony are rather brisk compared to his interpretations of the surrounding 7th and 9th symphony which are conducted way more leisurely.

The other 'gem' is the symphony in d minor, which Järvi presents in a compelling and fascinating way. Albeit it's unlikely that Swedish composer Wilhelm Stenhammar could have known this work, there are some striking parallels in Stenhammar's first symphony (a work, Stenhammar also didn't want to publish).

(With regard to the recent comments about Blomstedt's Bruckner box which is presented in flabby paper rather than real cardboard (I know it for sure, because I own it since its release), the new Järvi Bruckner box actually IS a sturdy cardboard box.)

Comment by DYB - October 21, 2021 (7 of 11)

Thank you for that review Contrapunctus! Ugh, I can't believe I'm going to spend so much money just to get the two titles RCA/Sony did not release individually. Makes me angry!

Comment by Athenaeus - January 20, 2023 (8 of 11)

Symphonies 0 and 8 will be released February 8th on hybrid SACDs. The catalogue numbers will be SICC-10430 and SICC-10431. This will make some people happy and others angry.

Comment by Contrapunctus - January 21, 2023 (9 of 11)

Oh, thank you very much for bringing back this to mind, Athenaeus!

Comment by DYB - February 1, 2023 (10 of 11)

Now I'm annoyed because I bought the whole darned box just to get those two!

Comment by Contrapunctus - February 2, 2023 (11 of 11)

Indeed, same here, DYB! (My above comment was intended to be ironic.)