Pink Floyd: Animals (2018 remix)

Pink Floyd: Animals (2018 remix)

PLG UK  0190758827124

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid


Pink Floyd

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Comments (3)

Comment by Brian VanPelt - September 25, 2022 (1 of 3)

This comment is only for the stereo version.

This is an extraordinary remix. The drums are explosive, and there is a scene where the deep bass drum fades into a deep, almost subsonic bass tone. The keyboards are also crucial and move about in a most excellent way - at one point, during Dogs, painting the back wall as they moved, slowly, left to right, and back again. Of course, David Gilmour's guitar is ever present.

This is an epic remastering. The forcefullness of the music itself lends itself to emotional tumult. While the drums have always been present in this album, the viscerality of them has not. The whole affair has more feeling because of that viscerality. I've never felt this way towards any version of this album before this, and I suppose I have James Guthrie to thank. This mastering will live on after him, as a testament to his craftmanship. I have this also on record and this SACD is essentially the same, at least as the stereo layer goes. I have not heard the multichannl version.

Comment by Downunderman - November 10, 2022 (2 of 3)

I echo Brian's comments.

This was (and remains) a dense recording and the new stereo mix by James Guthrie has been handled in such a way that the sonic character of the original recording has been preserved. Not tricked up to make it sound more modern. So, it still sounds like a recording from the back half of the 70's.

It is smooth sounding, non-fatiguing and rewards being played at higher volume.

Whilst this album is not uniformly highly regarded artistically, it is certainly a pleasure to listen to in this incarnation.

I also have not listened to the multi-channel, but from what I have read around the 'interweb' it seems to be pretty highly regarded.

Comment by John Bacon-Shone - December 14, 2022 (3 of 3)

The multi-channel version is a real step up from the (excellent) stereo. I highly recommend trying to get a chance to listen.