Wagner: Das Rheingold - Solti

Wagner: Das Rheingold - Solti

Decca Classics  4853159 (2 discs)

Stereo Hybrid

Classical - Opera

Wagner: Das Rheingold

George London (Wotan)
Kirsten Flagstad (Fricka)
Claire Watson (Freia)
Waldemar Kmentt (Froh)
Eberhard Wächter (Donner)
Set Svanholm (Loge)
Paul Kuen (Mime)
Jean Madeira (Erda)
Gustav Neidlinger (Alberich)
Walter Kreppel (Fasolt)
Kurt Böhme (Fafner)
Oda Balsborg (Woglinde)
Hetty Plumacher (Wellgunde)
Ira Malaniuk (Flosshilde)
Wiener Philharmoniker
Sir Georg Solti (conductor)

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Analogue recording
Comments (6)

Comment by Jan Arell - November 21, 2022 (1 of 6)

I discovered last night that this edition has been available some time in Dolby Atmos at Apple Music. Haven’t had time to listen yet.

Comment by Ferndgg - November 24, 2022 (2 of 6)

Let me tell you something "funny". This suppose to be an audiophile release. A celebration of the best recording ever. And then this release has the highest compression, clipping and unpleasant hearing I have ever experienced. It is really stressful and exausted to hear this at a normal volume. And then the "funny thing", 100$ SACD, 100$ LP and only 16,98$ at prostudiomaster at 24/192 flac. I would like to know who is Decca responsible of this project.
I have more than 50 Japanese Decca releases from Universal Japan, Tower Records and Stereo Sound mastered by Classic Sound and they are amazing. I wonder if Universal Japan will release something different because they have delayed until Jannuary 11st this release and Die Walküre.

Comment by Jan Arell - November 25, 2022 (3 of 6)

Ok, I have been able to hear only snippets. There is World Cup in football going on and I’m also under a daily cancer radiation treatment (prostatic).
I listen. I don’t do measurements. This Ring sounds very good to me, the little I have been able to hear it in Atmos, in earphones or on my speakers via an Mac Mini.

Comment by Mark Werlin - November 26, 2022 (4 of 6)

Jan Arell, best of luck with the radiation treatments.

It’s no surprise that the Stereo Sound SACDs, sourced from safety masters, should sound so different from this new remastering. HDTT sells DSD transfers of 1/4” safety masters, classical and jazz recordings, that clearly sound different from the studio Hi-Res and SACD releases of those same titles. Having listened to samples of the 2022 release of Das Rheingold at vendor sites, I think the remastered files sound quite good, and exactly how I would expect, taking into consideration the use of audio restoration technology.

ProStudioMasters lists the DR values of the 24/192 version of this album. The average in total is 12, and several tracks exceed 14-15 -- that's good dynamic range. According to the description on, the SACD stereo layer was sourced from the new 24/192 transfer ("The Hybrid SACD format combines the high-density 24bit/192kHz stereo mix...")

The 24/192 download of two hours and twenty-five minutes' duration is a bargain. I'm not in the market for the SACD set, but some might consider purchasing the download just to decide for themselves how well or badly the new stereo mastering impacts the quality of the original recording.

Comment by Jan Arell - September 15, 2023 (5 of 6)

I’ve just listened to this newest edition, downloaded from Qobuz in 24/192. Decca has done wonders to the sound, compared to the ten year old Bluray Audio. Separation is great. Bass is firm and clear. Voices and brass leap out from the loudspeakers. And there is no rest of the shrillness I used to detect here and there from sopranos and violins.
The march into Valhalla is a punch in the gut.
A marvellous achievement. And to think that this is a 65 year old recording.
I can’t wait to hear the rest of the cycle.

Edit: I also can’t wait to here from the ”mixed for Spotify” brigade.
Edit 2: Mark Werlin, treatment results has far exceeded the expectations of my doctors. Prostudiomasters seems to be for North America only.

Comment by Mark Werlin - September 19, 2023 (6 of 6)

Jan Arell, thanks for sharing your health update. Treatment is a commitment. I was glad to read that the outcome exceeded expectations.

10 years ago, SACDs helped me through a stressful medical condition. I'm sure there are others reading this who have had experiences with the restorative qualities of music.