Don Quijote de la Mancha - Savall

Don Quijote de la Mancha - Savall

Alia Vox  AVSA9843 (2 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid


Don Quijote de la Mancha - Romances y Musicas

Montserrat Figueras (soprano)
La Capella Reial De Catalunya
Hespèrion XXI
Jordi Savall (conductor)

Exactly 400 years since the publication of Don Quixote, Jordi Savall has conceived a project: to gather together all the airs, songs and ballads written or quoted by Cervantes, as well as those to which the author alludes throughout the novel. The result is a rich and colourful programme of music, punctuated by a reading of some of the finest passages from Don Quixote, presented in a luxurious book format.

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Disc I

1. I am folly
Of the quality and exploits of the renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha
1. Fanfarra (instrumental) Anon.
2. READING: “Somewhere in La Mancha...”
3. Folia: My name is folly – Du Bailly

2. First sallies
Of the ingenious Don Quixote’s first sally from his own lands
4. READING: “Without informing anybody of his intention...”
5. Ballad of Moriana: With a start the Moor awoke – Luys Milán
6. READING: “At the gate, there were two blowzy wenches...”
7. Ancient Ballad of Lancelot: Never was any knight so served by damsel – Anon.

3. First misfortunes
In which the story of the knight’s misfortunes is continued
8. READING: “Catching sight of a group of merchants...”
9. Ballad of Valdovinos: Tell me, Valdovinos, why you sigh – Anon. / Luys Milán
10. READING: “The peasant tried to lift him from the ground...”
11. Ballad of Abindarraez: Out into the field rode Narvaez – Diego Pisador (1552)

4. The library burns
Of the diverting and minute scrutiny performed by the curate and the barber in the library of our ingenious knight
12. READING: “Don Quixote’s housekeeper, his niece...”
13. Ballad of Sir Bertram: The Twelve Peers of France and Roncesvaux – Juan Vasquez
14. READING: “She picked up so many books together...”
Adoramus te Domine (Organ music) Anon.
15. READING: “Oh, most holy, glorious Trinity!” Tirant the White – Joanot Martorell

5. In woods and mountains
Of what befell Don Quixote while he remained with some goatherds
16. READING: “Don Quixote and Sancho took supper...”
17. Song of the goatherd: Song for Olalla – Anon.

6. Lying at their ease in the shade
Of how the curate and the barber set out to execute their plan
18. READING: “As the curate and the barber...”
19. Pastoral poem: Who robs me of my ease and gives me pain? – Anon.
20. READING: “The hour, the season, the solitude...”
21. Sonnet: Sacred friendship,who on wings of air – Anon.

7. A voice that chants enchantingly
Which treats of what further happened at the inn
22. READING: “Two thirds of the night having already passed,...”
23. Song: Love’s mariner – Anon.


1. Arrival in Toboso
Which contains what you will see in the perusal of it
24. READING: “It was midnight, or thereabouts...”
25. Ballad of Count Claros of Montalban: It was midnight, or thereabouts - Alonso Mudarra

Disc II

1. Arrival in Toboso (Continuation)
1. READING: “As they thus were talking together...”
2. Ballad of Guarinos: The fateful rout at Roncesvaux – Anon.f
3. READING: “Yes, I hear it”, answered Sancho...”
4. Ballad of Calaynos: Calaynos was mounted on his horse – Enríquez de Valderrábano

2. Living ballads
Of the wonderful incidents from the Ballads witnessed by the extravagant Don Quixote
5. READING: “It must have been about four o’clock in the afternoon...”
6. Ballad of Belerma’s lament upon the death of Durandarte – Anon. / Luys Milán
7. Romanesca (instrumental) – Enríquez de Valderábano
8. READING: “Don Quixote and Sancho Panza attended...”
9. Ballad of Sir Gayfiers: If tears of love can move your heart – Anon.

3. The misfortunes of the afflicted duenna
In which is recounted the misfortune of the afflicted duenna
10. READING: “Following behind the melancholy musicians...”
11. From my sweet foe – Gabriel (Cancionero de Palacio)
12. READING: “His song was like a string of pearls...”
13. Sung dance: Echo roundelay - Anon. (Cancionero de Sablonara)

4. Altisidora
Of the strange adventure that befell Don Quixote in the castle
14. READING: “Don Quixote snuffed out the candles...”
15. Ballad of Altisidora: Oh thou, who now a-bed – Anon. / Miguel de Cervantes
16. READING: “It being eleven at night...”
17. Ballad: The power of love – Anon. (Cancionero de Sablonara)

18. READING: “By this time Don Quixote thought that he would do well...”
19. Hearken, thou cruel, thankless knight – Miguel de Cervantes

5. The entry into Barcelona
Of what befell Don Quixote upon his entry into Barcelona
20. READING: “Finally, travelling along unfrequented roads...”
21. El Villano (Instrumental) – Anon.
22. READING: “Night fell...”
23. Sung dance: An evening chaconne – Joan Arañés

6. In Arcadia
On the resolution which Don Quixote took to become a shepherd and lead a pastoral life
24. READING: “The night was rather dark...”
25. Song: Oh love, as presently I reflect – Anon. / Miguel de Cervantes
26. READING: “Presently, there came a low and pleasant sound...”
27. Song: Till Altisidora from her fatal swoon – Anon. / Miguel de Cervantes

7. Though in life he was counted mad, to perfect sense restored he died
Of how Don Quixote fell ill and of his last testament and death
28. Circumdederum me (Organ) – Cristóbal de Morales
READING: “As nothing human is eternal...”
29. READING: “At last, Don Quixote expired...”
30. Lacrimosa – Cristóbal de Morales
31. READING: “Here lies a gentleman of fame...”
32. Requiem: O pie Jesu – Cristóbal de Morales

Raices & Memoria, Vol IV