The World of Duke Ellington Vol. 3 - WDR Big Band Köln

The World of Duke Ellington Vol. 3 - WDR Big Band Köln

BHM  BHM 1024-2

Stereo/Multichannel Hybrid


"The World of Duke Ellington Vol. 3"

Phil Woods
John Riley
WDR Big Band Köln

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Comments (4)

Comment by Gleb Panaeff - April 8, 2018 (1 of 4)

On a whim, bought this 3rd volume of 3 from the German big band, which sounds quite at home with these Duke compositions, both in terms of ensemble playing, and soloist turns. Or, to view it differently, the best-sounding multichannel recording of Phil Woods, who supplies many a memorable solo. I greatly enjoyed this find, and will now hunt for the other two volumes at less than exorbitant prices. Get Vol3 for low $$ while they are around (but beware of dual-inventory redbook CDs)!

Comment by Gmat25 - April 10, 2018 (2 of 4)

I have all three 'The World of Duke Ellington' volumes and agree with Mr. Panaeff that they sound excellent in multichannel (and stereo.) Although the jewel cases are marked with the SACD symbol in the upper right corner and at the top of the back, the actual discs themselves are, unfortunately, not easy to recognize as they are not marked with any SACD information. They only way to tell is by their gold color. I have actually been sent discs that were silver and regular red-book CD's in SACD cases! If you are able to find these they are great!

Comment by diw - April 22, 2018 (3 of 4)

could someone list the tracks that are on each of the 3 discs?

Comment by breydon_music - April 28, 2018 (4 of 4)

You can see all the details on the very useful discogs site by typing "World of Duke Ellington" into the search box and choosing from all the thumbnails that come up.