Dowland: The Complete Solo Lute Music - Lindberg

Dowland: The Complete Solo Lute Music - Lindberg


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Classical - Instrumental

John Dowland: The Complete Solo Lute Music

Jakob Lindberg (lute)

This pioneering recording, which was first released in 1995 as a set of four conventional CDs, contains the complete solo lute pieces ascribed to John Dowland. As opposed to the composer’s lute songs and instrumental dances, which Dowland himself carefully prepared for publication, his lute solos have survived in much less reliable versions. Jakob Lindberg, student and successor of Dowland specialist Diana Poulton as lute professor at the Royal College of Music in London, brought all of his expertise to bear in preparing the scores and choosing among variant versions for his recordings, and also wrote the informative liner notes included in this edition.

Dowland’s solo lute music is extraordinarily varied and ranges from light frivolous pieces to profound works expressing the darkest melancholy. It is characterized by an uncommon tunefulness and many of the pieces were given texts to become lute songs, one example being his famous pavan Lachrimæ which he also published as the song Flow my teares.

This also applies to several of the many galliards – a genre which also shows a wonderful diversity: extrovert dances inspired by 16th-century ‘battle pieces’ but also sublime, introvert and sweet-sounding pieces such as the Melancholy Galliard. In order to perform these 92 pieces, Dowland’s testament to lutenists, Jakob Lindberg uses three different instruments, first and foremost an 8-course lute but also a 10-course lute and an 8-course orpharion.

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1. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard
2. The Right Honourable Earl of Essex, His Galliard
3. The Right Honourable The Lady Clifton’s Spirit
4. Sir John Smith, His Almain
5. Sir John Langton’s Pavan
6. The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark, His Galliard
7. The Right Honourable Ferdinando Earl of Derby, His Galliard
8. Sir Henry Guilforde, His Almain
9. The Right Honourable The Lady Rich, Her Galliard
10. A Fantasie
11. The Right Honourable The Lord Viscount Lisle, His Galliard
12. A Piece Without Title
13. The Lady Russell’s Pavan
14. Mr. Knight’s Galliard
15. A Pavan
16. Sir John Souch’s Galliard
17. Giles Hobie’s Galliard
18. Farewell
19. A Galliard
20. Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe
21. A Galliard (on a galliard by Daniel Bacheler)
22. Lachrimæ
23. Galliard to Lachrimæ
24. Forlorn Hope Fancy
25. Walsingham
26. Mrs. Vaux Galliard
27. Mrs. Vaux Jig
28. A Fancy
29. A Galliard
30. The Shoemaker’s Wife
31. A Fancy
32. Mrs. Brigide Fleetwood’s Pavan alias Solus Sine Sola
33. Mignarda
34. Langton’s Galliard
35. Loth to Depart
36. A Fancy
37. Robin
38. A Pavan
39. A Galliard
40. Farewell (An ‘In Nomine’)
41. Mrs. Norrish’s Delight
42. A Coy Toy
43. Fortune
44. Tarleton’s Riserrectione
45. Piper’s Pavan
46. Captain Digorie Piper’s Galliard
47. Mrs. Nichols’ Almain
48. Mrs. White’s Thing
49. Mrs. White’s Nothing
50. John Dowland’s Galliard
51. Mounsier’s Almain
52. Melancholy Galliard
53. Lord Strang’s March
54. Dr. Case’s Pavan
55. Dowland’s First Galliard
56. Orlando Sleepeth
57. A Dream
58. A Galliard (on Walsingham)
59. A Galliard
60. An Almain
61. Tarleton’s Jig
62. Complaint
63. A Galliard
64. Dowlands Galliard
Semper Dowland semper Dolens
65. Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
66. Go From My Window
67. Solus Cum Sola
68. A Piece Without Title
69. A Fancy
70. My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home
71. What If A Day
72. Mrs. Clifton’s Almain
73. Can She Excuse
74. Mrs. Winter’s Jump
75. Round Battle Galliard
76. The Frog Galliard
77. A Fancy
78. Resolution
79. Come Away
80. A Fantasia
81. Aloe
82. Preludium
83. An Almand
84. The Queene’s Galliard
85. Coranto
86. Mr. Dowland’s Midnight
87. La Mia Barbara
88. Lady Laiton’s Almain
89. Pavana
90. Gagliarda
91. Pavana
92. Pavana