Bach: Goldberg Variations - Gould

Bach: Goldberg Variations - Gould

Sony Classical (Japan)  DYCC-10062

Stereo Hybrid

Classical - Instrumental

Bach: The Goldberg Variations (1981 recording)

Glenn Gould

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Comments (8)

Comment by PaulSARenaud - February 19, 2022 (1 of 8)

I always understood that from the 1981 sessions both an analogue and a digital recording was made. I own a 24/44.1 FLAC of the 1981 digital version. I also own a RDCD version of the 1981 analogue tapings. Is the SACD sourced from 1981 analogue or digital recordings? What is best SACD from the 1981 sessions (they at least two versions).

Comment by Tony Reif - February 19, 2022 (2 of 8)

LP credits say it was digitally recorded using the Sony system (i.e. 16/44.1). See also canonical's review here:

Comment by PaulSARenaud - February 20, 2022 (3 of 8)

An DSD transfer of the analogue 1981 tapes would be a nice option and then unto SACD.

Comment by Joseph Ponessa - February 20, 2022 (4 of 8)

I agree that a DSD transfer of the 1981 analog version is long overdue. Something like this was announced for Japanese release a number of years ago, and then the release was cancelled toward the last minute. The video of this recording session must have analog audio. So the one way to hear this in pure analog is to listen to the analog tracks of the Sony Classical laserdisc. It's an FM-quality signal, and DSD would be a big step up.
Are you listening Sony, or Sony of Japan? Why do you not promote your most popular products?
While I have your attention, how about some DSD transfers of the Columbia Rampal sessions from the late 70's? One of your best-selling albums of all time is the Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano, which was recorded in analog, along with a couple of Bolling's other cross-over albums. You keep re-packaging the same stale, early digital transfers of these titles, instead of letting us listen to the real thing.
Why? Why?
PS — And aren't you sitting on the entire Toscanini discography in your RCA division? Waiting for chickens to hatch, or what? At least give us his Aida (from the 1949 telecast) or his La bohème or his Respighi trilogy. Please? Pretty please?

Comment by Athenaeus - October 3, 2022 (5 of 8)

Sony Japan have just announced they will be releasing all of Glenn Gould's Bach recordings on a series of SACDs. It will be a box-set containing 24 hybrid SACDs. As far as I know, this will be the biggest SACD box-set ever released.

I was delighted at first but, after reading a bit more about this set, I'm very disappointed. In my opinion, the most important thing they had to do for this set was to — at long last! — offer us a DSD transfer from the ANALOGUE tapes of the 1981 Goldberg Variations. Based on what I'm reading, they used the DIGITAL version for this release. Bummer!

Comment by Longjohns and Wifebeaters - October 3, 2022 (6 of 8)

Really?? If so, indeed a real bummer, agreed. There's no reason for that as there's readily the Andreas Meyer DSD tape transfer from 1981 from the analog backup master, the one that was used for the State of Wonder release and the just now released Sony single-CD budget re-release 19658765002. Where is your information from?

I mean (and this also to Joseph Ponessa), there is already a DSD transfer from the analog backup masters. It's just not been released in SACD format (yet).

Comment by Athenaeus - October 3, 2022 (7 of 8)

I found the information on the Tower Records Japan and HMV Japan sites. For disc 15 it says:

ゴルトベルク変奏曲 BWV.988(1981年デジタル録音)

Which Google translates thus:

Goldberg Variations BWV.988 (1981 digital recording)
Glenn Gould (piano)
Recorded: April, May 1981 (digital recording)

If they were using the analogue transfer, I think they would proudly state it.

Comment by Longjohns and Wifebeaters - October 13, 2022 (8 of 8)

Thanks; you are right -- so one would think. What a pity.