My Fair Lady - Original Soundtrack

My Fair Lady - Original Soundtrack

Sony Classical  SS 89639

Stereo Single Layer


"My Fair Lady - Original Soundtrack"

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Analogue recording
1. Overture
2. Why Can't The English?
3. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
4. I'm An Ordinary Man
5. With A Little Bit Of Luck
6. Just You Wait
7. The Rain In Spain
8. I Could Have Danced All Night
9. Ascot Gavotte
10. On The Street Where You Live
11. The Embassy Waltz
12. You Did It
13. Show Me
14. Get Me To The Church On Time
15. A Hymn To Him
16. Without You
17. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/End Titles
18. Exit Music
Comments (3)

Comment by Don_Angelo - October 30, 2018 (1 of 3)

The mixing between orchestra and voices from performers is very noticeable as it clearly is the result of very different microphones setups.

Most of the time the orchestra and the singers are very well recorded and have a somewhat natural balance. However, some tracks have very noticeable inserts from a very different source (presumably audio straight from the movie). The most disturbing is the entire Rex Harrison part. It sounds very harsh and diminished as if it came from a very low-quality tape. I strongly suspect it to be straightly taken from the actual filming, while the rest of the cast would have performed in studio.

The music however is marvelous.

Comment by ubertrout - November 19, 2018 (2 of 3)

From Wikipedia:

Harrison declined to pre-record his musical numbers for the film, explaining that he had never talked his way through the songs the same way twice and thus could not convincingly lip-sync to a playback during filming (as musical stars had, according to Jack L. Warner, been doing for years. "We even dubbed Rin-Tin-Tin"). George Groves decided to use a wireless microphone, the first such use during filming of a motion picture. The sound department earned an Academy Award for its efforts.

So yeah, the Rex Harrison parts aren't even close to the quality of everything else on the soundtrack, which was recorded in studio to tape, as one would expect. This won't ever sound any better.

Comment by Don_Angelo - December 1, 2018 (3 of 3)

Well it is quite an interesting thing to know, I had no idea really, thanks for bringing it up.

A few days after my post, I came across another recording (non-SACD) and it does not sound very good either:

I guess I will have no better luck with a third recording ?