Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms

Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms

Universal (Japan)  UIGY-9547

Stereo Single Layer


Dire Straits

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Comment by Downunderman - November 8, 2019 (1 of 1)

....Taken from old site - Copy of 'Analogue's comments.

Review by analogue September 17, 2015 (7 of 8 found this review helpful)
Performance: Sonics:
I don't need to say much in the way of this album and its greatness. I am essentially comparing 2 different sacd versions of this release.

Before I get into the nitty gritty I would like to state that both the Mobile Fidelity and the newer Shm Sacd are fabulous discs and that both of these should be owned by any fan of this record. I AM ALSO HAPPY TO REPORT THAT THERE ARE DEFINITE DIFFERENCES WITH REGARDS TO SOUND Quality ON THESE discs,. if they sounded identical I would believe I was developing tin ears.

The Mofi sacd is a tremendous disc with sound qualities I would not have expected to hear on a low rez pcm recording. The Mofi is very warm and analogue sounding. It does much better in hiding its low rez origins,. The new Shm Sacd sounds like I would have expected a low rez recording to sound...........and yet it has special qualities that the Mofi doesn't have.

While the Mofi is warmer, a tad darker and extremely relaxing to listen to.....the Shm Sacd is more open, clear and transparent. A better way of explaining myself is that the Universal Japan sacd fills my room with a bigger sonic picture window of sound. I suspected as much as this is one of the biggest characteristics of the Shm SACD sound. The Shm also has better extension of instruments and has a better defined space between the instruments and people. Neither version is remotely compressed or suffers from the nasty digititis syndrome.

Why SHOULD A FAN OWN BOTH YOU ASK???? The Mofi used the U.S. tape source while the Japanese sacd used the U.K. tapes. the LATTER FEATURES SHORTER TRACKS. Mofi' sacd is 55 minutes in length while the Shm sacd is 47 minutes in total. Its a hard pill to swallow for me as I really love the longer tracks and their truncation effects the enjoyment of the album. As it stands now five of the tracks on both of these sacds are exactly the same length A GREAT THING) while the other four are shorter. One tracks by three minutes another by 2.

Highly recommended for its sound but purchase both sacds as each one has its own terrific sound and merit.