The Virtual Haydn: complete works for solo keyboard - Beghin

The Virtual Haydn: complete works for solo keyboard - Beghin

Naxos  NBD0001-04 (4 discs)

Stereo/Multichannel Dual Layer

Classical - Instrumental

Joseph Haydn: "Courting nobility", Werckmeister III (1691), 435Hz: Sonatas in C major (Hob. XVI:3), D major (Hob. XVI:4), B-flat major (Hob. XVI:2), A major (Hob. XVI:12); A-flat major (Hob. XVI:46) with two versions of the Adagio; Capriccio in G major “Acht sauschneider müssen seyn,” (Hob. XVII:1); "Quality time", adjusted Kirnberger III, 408Hz: Sonatas in C major (Hob. XVI:1), G major (Hob. XVI:6); D major (Hob. XVII:D1); E major (Hob. XVI:13); B-flat major (Hob. XVI:18); G minor (Hob. XVI:44); "The music lesson", Werckmeister III, 435Hz: Sonatas in C major (Hob. XVI:7), D major (Hob. XVI:14); G major (Hob. XVII:G1); E minor (Hob. XVI:47); E-flat major (Hob. XVI:45); Variations in A major (after Hob. XVII:2); "Haydn's workshop", Werckmeister III, 435Hz: Sonatas in C major (Hob. XVI:10); D major (Hob. XVI:19); F major (Hob. XVI:9); G major (Hob. XVI:8); C minor (Hob. XVI:20); Variations in E-flat major (Hob. XVI:3); "Your most serene Highness!", Barca, 415Hz: Sonatas in C major (Hob. XVI:21); E major (Hob. XVI:22); F major (Hob. XVI:23) with two versions of the Adagio; D major (Hob. XVI:24); E-flat major (Hob. XVI:25); A major (Hob. XVI:26) with two versions of the Menuet al Rovescio; Idem, techno; "The score", Valotti, 430Hz: Sonatas in G major (Hob. XVI:27); E-flat major (Hob. XVI:28); F major (Hob. XVI:29); A major (Hob. XVI:30); E major (Hob. XVI:31); B minor (Hob. XVI:32); "Equal to the finest masters", Valotti, 430Hz: Sonatas in C major (Hob. XVI:35); C-sharp minor (Hob. XVI:36); D major (Hob. XVI:37); E-flat major (Hob. XVI:38); G major (Hob. XVI:39); C minor (Hob. XVI:20); "Musical letters to a Princess": Valotti, 430Hz: Sonatas in E minor (Hob. XVI:34); G major (Hob. XVI:40); B-flat major (Hob. XVI:41) with two versions of the Allegretto e innocente; D major (Hob. XVI:42); D major (Hob. XVI:33); Variations in C major (Hob. XVII:5); "Viennese culture", Valotti, 430Hz: Sonatas in E-flat major (Hob. XVI:49); E-flat major (Hob. XVI:52); C major (Hob. XVI:48); Fantasia "Capriccio" in C major (Hob. XVII:4); Variations "Sonata" in F minor (Hob. XVII:6); "The London scene", Young, 430Hz: Sonatas in C major (Hob. XVI:50); D major (Hob. XVI:51); E-flat major (Hob. XVI:52); Adagio in G major (Hob. XV:22); Prelude in C major; Variations in G major “Gott, erhalte Franz den Kaiser!” (Hob. III:77);
(Disc 4: documentary & video performances of excerpts from 1-3)

Tom Beghin, keyboards

The First Naxos Blu-Ray- a recording of the complete works of Joseph Haydn for solo keyboard in nine virtual reconstructions of the rooms in which these pieces would have been originally performed, using seven specially-crafted historical keyboards. A trail-blazing project of four Blu-Ray discs featuring 14.5 hours of music with an added “picture in picture” option, plus a three-hour documentary on the “making of” the recordings, directed by award-winning director and screen-writer Robert J. Litz. A fully interactive experience, this epic set offers users the opportunity to “direct” their own performance of a short Andante for Musical Clock; by selecting from a choice of rooms and instruments users can freely navigate 63 possible combinations to experiment with sound and acoustics as if wandering the 18th century halls themselves.

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