Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen - Solti

Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen - Solti

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Classical - Opera

Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen

Kirsten Flagstad
Regine Crespin
Helga Dernesch
Birgit Nilsson
Brigitte Fassbaender
Christa Ludwig
Helen Watts
James King
Hans Hotter
Marga Höffgen
Gerhard Stolze
Lucia Popp
Wolfgang Windgassen
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Wiener Philharmoniker
Georg Solti (conductor)

DECCA is very proud to present the most comprehensive Ring edition ever assembled.

Solti's recording of Wagner's epic music-drama Der Ring des Nibelungen was a recording project on a scale without precedent and the first-ever studio recording of Wagner's masterpiece. Recorded between September 1958 and November 1965, it was masterminded by legendary producer John Culshaw and his technical team under the direction of chief engineer Gordon Parry. This massive undertaking set new standards in both opera recording and the possibilities of the effective and imaginative use of stereo.

The combination of Solti and the Vienna Philharmonic with an international cast of the greatest Wagnerian singers available resulted in a recording which was greeted with unprecedented enthusiasm and rave reviews and which quickly won numerous international awards.

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Analogue recording
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  • 2.0 LPCM 24bit/48kHz
Comments (28)

Comment by Graham Williams - September 5, 2022 (1 of 28)


Comment by Joseph Ponessa - September 5, 2022 (2 of 28)

That is good news.
It will be interesting to compare their use of the resurrected original master with Stereo Sound's use of the Japanese submaster.
They must plan to release on Blu-ray audio, since that is the only physical medium that can carry ATMOS signals.
Perhaps each volume will have a combination of Blu-ray and CD or SACD along with libretto and other documentation.

Comment by Contrapunctus - September 6, 2022 (3 of 28)

It begins with Rheingold on 2 SHM-SACD in Nov. 11th:

Comment by Hui Zhu - September 7, 2022 (4 of 28)

HMV listed 2 versions:
- EU release: Decca CL 4853159, Hybrid
- Japanese release: Universal UCGD9088, Single Layer

Which one to get?

Comment by Contrapunctus - September 8, 2022 (5 of 28)

Fabulous news, Hui Zhu! This project is a rare example of a new, high-quality remaster being released not only exclusively in Japan but also outside. So, it's a matter of taste or personal preference which version to buy. I'm quite sure that we will see also a corresponding hires download, which I'd prefer.

Comment by Athenaeus - September 9, 2022 (6 of 28)

Yes, it's great to see that Universal Music Japan are keeping their classical SACD series alive. And this morning, I was looking on the Tower Records Japan website and I saw that in November Universal will be carpet-bombing us with new SACDs. They all seem to be repressings of SACDs they issued in the past. I have a few of them already but there are also some that I had missed. It'll be the occasion to plug a few holes in my collection. I'm sure it will be the same for quite a few folks on this forum.

Comment by Jan Arell - September 9, 2022 (7 of 28)

It may be that the Atmos mix is not available on discs. ”Great scenes from the Ring” can already be found at Apple Music in Atmos, maybe elsewhere too. We’ll see.
CORRECTION. Presently (Sept 9) only Ride of the Valkyries is available in Atmos. The rest of this extracts disc is released Sept 30.

Comment by Contrapunctus - September 9, 2022 (8 of 28)

Athenaeus, there are a few exceptions among the re-pressings, which should be evaluated carefully, e.g.
- Bruckner 7/Jochum
- Dvorak 8+9/Kubelik
- Brahms 2+3/Karajan
as far as I can see, they are based on early dsd-remasterings from around 2010/2011. During the last years, these recordings have been remastered again by Emil Berliner Studios for TowerRecords (Bruckner, Dvorak) and Universal Music Japan (Brahms). Just saying.

Comment by Ad Rhenum - September 10, 2022 (9 of 28)

more info from Decca:*/*/Das-Rheingold-2x-Hybrid-SACD/7JY20000000

Apparently the European version is hybrid sacd, and the asian version single layer sacd.

Comment by Athenaeus - September 10, 2022 (10 of 28)

Indeed, it will be single-layer for Japan and hybrid for Europe (and the rest of the world). Another difference is that the European edition will be packaged in what will look like an LP slipcase. It will therefore be a flattish 12 x 12 inch box. Personally, I'm not a fan of this kind of packaging, since one can't store the set on CD shelves. From what I can gather through Google Translate, the Japanese edition will come in a jewel case.

It also seems the Japanese edition will be cheaper than the European one, which doesn't happen often.

Comment by SACD-MAN (threerandot) - September 11, 2022 (11 of 28)

No surround track on the SACD's? Stereo only? It would really encourage me to buy again if they have a surround sound track on the SACD's. Would be a shame if they didn't include one. Does anyone have any guesses as to whether the SACD's will also have a surround track?

Comment by Athenaeus - September 12, 2022 (12 of 28)

For the Japanese edition, the marketing blurb doesn't say anything about the number of channels. But since Japanese record labels seldom do multichannel, you can be sure it will be in stereo only. For the European edition, the blurb isn't clear but it seems to be saying the release will also be in stereo only. Or to put it differently, if there is a multichannel layer, they aren't telling us.

I guess they'll eventually release a Blu-ray version and it might have a multichannel Atmos mix. Perhaps they're waiting for all four parts of the Cycle to be finished on SACD and vinyl before releasing the Blu-ray version on one disc.

But let's not forget, this cycle was recorded in stereo. A multichannel mix would be somewhat artificial.

Comment by SACD-MAN (threerandot) - September 12, 2022 (13 of 28)

Athenaeus: good point, but it would be interesting to hear this in surround. I will definitely want the hybrid disc's so it will definitely be the European release for me... I think.

Comment by SACD-MAN (threerandot) - September 12, 2022 (14 of 28)

Athenaeus: good point, but it would be interesting to hear this in surround. I will definitely want the hybrid disc's so it will definitely be the European release for me... I think.

Comment by DYB - September 14, 2022 (15 of 28)

Decca's announcement says that the whole Ring will be in Atmos. (They argue that Culshaw, who always embraced new technology, would no doubt approve.) This is mentioned on The Golden Ring page description.

Wagner: The Golden Ring - Solti

Comment by Athenaeus - September 14, 2022 (16 of 28)

Thank you for the link, DYB. I hadn't seen that. But after reading their announcement, I can't help but take a jab at Universal...

If John Culshaw were alive today, Decca would never give him the resources to realize a project like his complete Ring, or many of his other great studio recordings. The technology has indeed evolved but the major record labels aren't what they used to be.

Comment by SACD-MAN (threerandot) - September 15, 2022 (17 of 28)

I have checked on Presto Music for the Wagner: The Golden Ring - Solti and it is simply not there for Pre-order? Is Presto Music dumping physical media? Are they not going to release this? I do not want to buy this with amazon. I want to give my business to Presto Music. Can anyone tell me that Presto will have this up for Pre-order? I emailed them a few days ago and they have not yet responded. Very strange??

Comment by SACD-MAN (threerandot) - September 15, 2022 (18 of 28)

I can pre-order this from Import CDs but not Presto Muisc... what gives?

Comment by Contrapunctus - September 16, 2022 (19 of 28)

SACD-MAN, I'm not sure if it helps, but jpc also offers the physical SACD version you're looking for:

Regarding prestomusic: I've noticed that they're sometimes a bit late with their announcements.

Comment by SACD-MAN (threerandot) - September 16, 2022 (20 of 28)

I am probably just a little impatient. Very excited to see this getting such a large SACD release from Decca. A real surprise.

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