Steely Dan: Pretzel logic

Steely Dan: Pretzel logic

Universal (Japan)  UIGY-9568

Stereo Single Layer


Steely Dan

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1. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
2. Night by Night
3. Any Major Dude Will Tell You
4. Barrytown
5. East St. Louis Toodle-oo
6. Parker's Band
7. Through With Buzz
8. Pretzel Logic
9. With a Gun
10. Charlie Freak
11. Monkey in Your Soul
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Comment by Downunderman - December 2, 2023 (1 of 1)

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Review by analogue September 26, 2014 (12 of 13 found this review helpful)
Performance: Sonics:
Universal Japan did a superb job with this new Pretzel Logic Shm Sacd. The liner notes claim that original American tapes were used and it sure sounds that they did.

When I first played this disc I had a lot of reservations. It sounded mellow......almost polite and when I increased the volume there was strain and distortion coming from my speakers. I waited to write my review and Im glad I did.

I like the remoistened cd and dig the sound. It obvious that its remixed and tinkerd with but as far as cd's go its a gem. I cant vouch for the tape source used for that releases but the Shm Sacd does have that analogue tape sound and feel............but with a few new revelations that Ill get to in a moment. The cd version. .oddly enough does not include that small single instrument played prior to Rikki starting.

Once this disc was broken in (played many times) I was able to increase the volume to where I wanted it. As I MENTIONED prior to Rikki starting there is this percussion instrument that plays for several seconds. It sounds remarkably lifelike and first clue that a real analogue tape source was used. There is some hiss at first but only heard sporadically throughout the album. Noise reduction was used ever so slightly on this had to be. Rikki comes in and there is a very relaxed and mellow substance to the sound.

As I ,.istened to this disc over and over again a couple of things finally made sense. One..... this sacd is not only a newly transferred release in s a whole newly restored version of this release. That there is subtle distortion and slight volume fluctuations should not be doubted. Here and there I can hear small, light pops, crackles and scratching sounds of the worn tape elements. Give Universal Japan credit......they have serious gonads in using a real analogue tape source for this release. They must have spent considerable time masking and elimination the myriad negatives associated with such a problematic tape source. Now that real Dsd editing is a reality............I can hear what the Tech's did to this releases in making it sound as good as it does. Very impressive.

Some cuts like Night after night do showcase the very slight wear of the tapes. On some other cuts there is some slight distortion present during Fagens vocals when he increases his volume during a chorus. Some of the awesome guitar work isn't quite as sweet as other albums. But I have to say that this its totality is an amazing achievement. The sound is rich and dense with great 3 d structure. lacks some air and there might be a treble reduction form time to time...........but the post production work done on this sacd is simply remarkable.
The most impressive cut is Any major dude......this tracks sounds like it was recorded yesterday with its beautiful acoustic guitar intro, delicate vocals and relaxed energy. Pretzel logic has nice bump, great drum work and nice layering of the guitars. Its not perfect mind you..............a tad ever so slight ragged quality rears its ugly head now and it does throughout this whole sacd.............but mostly the sound is spectacular. It mostly sound very pristine like the best Shm Sacds and it has that authentic analogue tape tonality and feel.

I'd rather not go track by track.......I find that tedious. Suffice it to say that during most of the tracks there are little surprises....mostly in the form of a very real sounding a drum fill that is as real as real gets, newly discovered qualities to Fagens vocals.

There are three remaining albums to be released by Universal Japan to complete the Dan's vital discography. As to the sources to be used I cant say......but the Company has been looking for the best sources. The first two Shm Sscds were done using tape copies it Japan's vaults. The third releases was culled from a digital tape source.......this one used a real original tape source which was beautifully restored. I just wish them luck and hope that the remaking discs sound just a good.

Universal Japan turned a sows ear into a silk purse with this Shm Sacd. They deserve a lot of credit for the tremendous job they did here.

Highly recommended.

Break the disc in without listening and then crank the volume and wait for that small into before Rikki kicks in.....after that its a great ride. And play it loud.